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Spanish for Native Speakers I is intended for fluent or near fluent speakers who have little or no formal training in the language. The course provides a thorough review of basic grammar rules, idiomatic expressions, spelling, and vocabulary. Students improve skills through extensive and varied writing activities. Literacy is improved through exposure to a variety of Hispanic literature, newspapers, magazines, films, music, and current issues. Oral presentations, debates, and class discussions in both formal and informal settings improve language skills. Hispanic culture and traditions are presented to deepen students’ appreciation of their native language. The course is conducted entirely in Spanish. The course is defined by the content standards of the Arkansas Foreign Language Curriculum Framework for Spanish for Native Speakers I and includes applications, problem solving, higher-order thinking skills, and performance-based, open-ended assessments with rubrics.

Spanish language instruction at the advanced level.  Equivalent to a third year college course in Spanish.  Explores Spanish within the context of six themes: Global Challenges, Contemporary Life, Science and Technology, Personal and Public Identities, Families and Communities, Beauty and Aesthetics. 

Advanced and accelerated instruction in the Spanish Language at the Intermediate-Low level.  This course involves extensive reading and some community involvement.

Advanced and accelerated Spanish language education at the Novice-High level.

Civics is a subject that touches every person’s life. It teaches the value of being an active citizen in the community.

It teaches the importance of taking part in politics and helping to choose the leaders of local, state and national government. It teaches how laws shape society and how they protect individuals. It teaches how the rights granted by government come with responsibilities not to abuse those rights